أزياء الدمى Drew Barrymore

الدمية القادمة Actresses

الأسم : Drew Blyth Barrymore

المهنة : Actress

تاريخ الميلاد: February 22, 1975

PShe was the Guest Host for "Saturday Night Live" (1982) when viewers voted that Andy Kaufman would never be allowed to return to the show. Never finished high school. Originally offered the lead role in Scream (1996/I) but chose to play Casey Becker because she thought it would be more fun. Was engaged to Jamie Walters for a brief period of time. Granddaughter of actor John Barrymore and Dolores Costello, on her father's side. Great-granddaughter of silent film actor Maurice Costello and Mae Costello. She is half Hungarian from her mother's side.

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