Mother's Day Diary Contest

Mother's Day Diary Contest

Hey Dolls!

Mother’s Day is happening in many places around the world right now. Do you celebrate Mother’s Day?

We often have a strong connection to the people who raised us. Take a moment to reflect on the person who raised you.

Write about your mother, or the person closest to a mother in your life, and what they meant to you. How did they shape your future?

If YOU are mother, what did having children teach you about your own mother?

Let’s celebrate mothers all over the world today and thank them for all that they have done!

Here is what some Stardoll Staff have to say about their moms:

“My mom was the sweetest and kindest person I ever knew. She would do anything for me and my siblings. She also used to microwave our socks and underwear on cold days!” --Sophia

“I was raised by two dads. But they took on every challenge and managed to make me feel so loved and supported. I celebrate them on Father’s day and Mother’s day!” --Svea


“My mother was so practical and very organized. She taught me to work hard for everything and I am so grateful that she guided me down the right path from an early age. I used to get mad when she would tell me what to do. Now I am so happy that I had her in my life.” --Iris

Now we want to hear about your moms! We will pick some of the best entries and award them Stardollars.

How to Enter:

--Write about your mom or the person who raised you in the box below. There is a 1000 character limit. You can also write about what it means to be a mother! The writing must be original and your own.

Good luck Dolls and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! We love you, Moms!

(Shout out to G.MOM, the featured Stardoll in the image above!)