NEW QUIZ: World Beeeee Day! Prize inside!

NEW QUIZ: World Beeeee Day! Prize inside!
Hey Dolls! <3

On May 20, World Bee Day is celebrated by the United Nations! This day was created in order to highlight the importance of preserving bees and other pollinators. The resolution was sponsored by 115 countries, including the USA, Canada, China, the Russian Federation, India, Brazil, Argentina, Australia and all the European Union Members.

Now, we need your help! The 115 countries that signed the agreement have lost all the documents and they can't remember why bees are so important! Help us by solving this quiz and you will have in your hands the power to save the world! :O

If you get all of the right answers you will receive 20 super cute bees in your Suite (because May 20 is the official day), you will be the queen of the honeycomb and you will be our heroine or hero! :D